Redacted Labs Mint



Redacted Labs Mint


Company: Redacted Labs


1.05 Ethereum

Redacted Labs is an upcoming Solana NFT project! They have an immense focus on great art, unique utilities a lovely community, and most importantly a storyline filled with mysterious twists and turns. They have a hardworking and dedicated team who work effortlessly to make the project stand out.

The more you look at this project, the more you will be amazed by the great plans it has for the near future! This project is based on the story of escaped test subjects. It encompasses a secret government project that attempts to give humans supernatural powers for national gain. Unfortunately, these secret government trials go horribly wrong and the test subjects escape the holding facility. We now require your help to capture these people or creatures and stop the chaos before it has a chance to begin.

Joining the community will grant you access to so many exclusive chats, games, and events! It will also allow you to get sneak peeks before anyone else can. You can also be in conversation with the great minds behind this project regularly and help contribute your opinions to the future. The team already has a lot in mind going forward but we are a project that focuses on providing maximum value to holders and community members rather than prioritizing profits.

If you have read this far I’m sure something about this project has really intrigued you so why don’t you join our communities (Twitter and Discord) and get to know a lot more about this project from our lovely community and team? We would love to have you on board with us! I am quite certain that if this has piqued your interest the rest of the project will definitely blow your mind. Thanks for reading through our project, if you join the discord through this drop a “Hi there, I’m coming from NFTEvening” and we will be sure you get VIP treatment!


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