Reactor Motors Mint – Iron McLaren Airdrop



Reactor Motors Mint – Iron McLaren Airdrop


Company: Reactor Motors

Project Links:

Reactor Motors NFT is airdropping physical ownership of a custom Iron Man McLaren supercar to one lucky NFT holder. The keys to the McLaren will be airdropped 24 hours after mint.

Reactor Motors is a game changing NFT experience with interactive NFTs that upgrade over time. The initial mint is on January 4th, on leading NFT platform, OpenSea, in which collectors will be able to mint unique Reactor Motor NFTs.

After the mint and airdrop of the physical Custom McLaren supercar, individual Reactor NFTs will upgrade to reveal Reactor Raceway vehicles, eligible for racing on the Reactor Raceway: a metaverse racing game coming Q1 2022. Each Reactor Raceway NFT will have unique racing attributes, including speed, handling, drifting, acceleration, and more!

This drop extends beyond one specific “target audience” and is truly a cultural moment for crypto and NFT-native buyers, collectible and car enthusiasts/collectors, and any individuals interested in owning a piece of automotive history as well as participating in a state-of-the-art metaverse racing game coming Q1 2022.

Reactor Motors is the genesis drop to kick off the Reactorverse: a space for all collectors, participants, and fans of the metaverse to come together on the journey towards immersive metaverse gameplay, experiences, and rewards. The drop is intended for any individual who wants to participate in the future of metaverse gaming and NFT collectibles… and you may unlock physical ownership of a $500K custom Iron Man McLaren supercar along the way!

Reactor Motors is the first drop of its kind offering a chance to take home a physical supercar AND join an immersive metaverse racing community powered by NFTs and smart contracts. Each individual Reactor Motors NFT serves as a key to the Reactorverse – the future of metaverse racing in which individual NFT owners will be able to race their unique Reactor Vehicles. The reactorverse includes metaverse racing airdrops, exclusive offers, and tournaments for different Reactorverse teams across the world. Reactor Motors is just the tip of the iceberg in the future of metaverse racing… as a community reward one lucky NFT holder will be driving a custom Iron Man McLaren supercar this new year.

For more information check out our website and social media accounts.

Mint Date: January 4th, 2022
Mint Quantity: 8,888 Unique NFTs
Mint Price: 0.08 ETH
Mint Location:

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