Binance SC

RavingRabbids NFT


1.05 Ethereum


Airdrop 20,000,000rrc($100,000 usdt)


Winners:  all participants

Reward: 1000rrc($5u)

Referral: 1000rrc($5u),2000u for top 3 each

Airdrop bot link   https://t.Me/ravingrabbids_bot?Start=maq6p8

1join telegram groups(https://t.Me/ravingrabbidsworld) and channel(https://t.Me/airdropincome_officialchannel)

2follow on twitter(https://twitter.Com/ravingrabbids_1),like retweet and tag the post

3join discord(https://discord.Gg/kun83ewebe)

Distribution: immediately

$rrc is  the important ecological token , can be directly traded for pancakeswap or used to make money.Total 315,000,000,000

Raving rabbids nft  apr 350%

Raving rabbids are well equipped! Dare to face death, they can not be killed at all! They are invincible in battle, submerging by numbers! Never stop until they achieve financial freedom! Wandering around online shopping, 10,000 crazy rabbits launch from web3 and find themselves in a magical future

1practical features eco-only ticket

2long-term benefits apr 350% always

3refined vision avatar-level quality

4scarce quantity only 10000 total