Rare Fish Market




Rare Fish Market

Collection Ethereum


DATE: June 19, 2022 – June 26, 2022

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Rare Fish Market is bringing WAGMI back by democratizing claims on revenue from multiple projects.  NFT collections are ponzis and we all know it.  Even projects with good intentions become vectors for pumping and dumping.  We’ve gotten to the point where people search for roadmaps that promise merch and meetups as if these useless variables will create euphoric green candles that will take us all back to our first time watching an investment rocket up.  If you are reading this, you are among friends.  We like the art.  We love the culture.  NFTs educated people about the BS that happens in the art world but never actually gave the people the tools to play the game.  The only party guaranteed to profit off a successful mint is the team.  Rare Fish Market exists as a means for participants to gain contractual claims for future projects.  Want to see something built?  Let’s build it.  Got great art but can’t code?  Watch us code it.  Can’t promote it?  Luckily, you’ve got us.  This is the start of a family.  Don’t even ask us about Rare Fish F C. The first rule is we don’t talk about that.