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1.05 Ethereum


5,555 ProNouns living on Ethereum.

First 1K mint price of 0.0069. Next 4k free mint. 500 will be airdropped to the first 500 wallets that mint. 55 held by the team for now. Additionally, 1000 lucky holders will be airdropped another NFT with future utility.

Whitelist only. 2 mints per wallet per drop.

Pronouns are nouns for Degenz. We will work to create a new layer within the Nouns ecosystem by creating a new community of builders.

Future utility such as a DAO, a launchpad for creative members, and other surprises will be coming soon. Proceeds from initial sale and royalties will be distributed back into the project for further advancement.

Pronouns are not affiliated with NounsDAO as of yet bit are being released with permission under creative common license CCO public domain by NounsDAO.