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Project 3333 Drop


Company: Project 333

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Project 3333 is a NFT project of 3,333 ERC721 unique artworks stored on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a celebration of Japanese Culture and Art. The Artist has picked various different references from Japanese history and has created an hommage collection for everyone to enjoy and savour. Our Art has references to classic artwork to everyone’s favourite Miyazaki and Kurosawa movie or your nostalgic childish anime series.
We are using a voucher-based system to avoid gas fees for our minters. Instead of minting an NFT and paying a large amount for gas, you purchase a voucher which is stored on our smart contract. You pay for your 3333 NFTs when you buy the voucher, but you avoid the gas fees associated with minting, because gas fees will extend as we mint. To receive your 3333 NFT, you must use the Mint/Claim button on the website to mint your reserved 3333 NFT. If you don’t own any vouchers, you cannot mint any 3333 NFTs.

Artist: Our artist, Hisoka Gaka (密か画家) follows the same path of these influences; with a desire to express his art in its purest form, away from bias tied to his real identity. Hisoka can be one of the greatest artists in the world, or just a housekeeper. With this question, one can see if the art is enough to give you the answer and to elevate this project to the recognition it truly deserves.

Great projects always come from great communities. It is with that founding pillar in mind that we are building Project3333. Our community is comprised of many resourceful individuals necessary to the development of the project and as such, we want to ensure that this community is empowered. This will go through a royalty distribution system that will go to a community vault, in order to support community-powered initiatives. Through a collective effort and a synergy of the most talented minds in the space, we can achieve more and build with longevity in mind. While we have general lines in where we want to head forwards, we will work alongside the community to build the utilities that our holders need.

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