Polarys Genesis NFT Collection

Collection Ethereum


1.05 Ethereum


At Polarys, we are bringing utility NFT to everyday businesses by building a full suite of products to seamlessly onboard Web2 brands, businesses, entrepreneurs, and creators to the Web3 space.

This will include full customer support from A-Z,a  multi-chain minting engine. fiat onboarding, customer wallet + marketplace, space for community engagement and events in the member area.

We provide traditional businesses and users with a trusted and easy-to-use end-to-end marketplace focused on utility NFTs giving real-life rewards to holders, with support from easy onboarding to reward and invoice management.

NFT as a service. Automated NFT minting to launch fully custom-made NFTs without any crypto or coding experience.

Minting our exclusive 2500 Genesis Nfts. The price is 300USD each.