Pixelations - 100% On-Chain User Generated NFT'sminting





Pixelations – 100% On-Chain User Generated NFT’s

Collection Ethereum

Project Details:

  • Presale Date: January 01, 2022 – January 08, 2022

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1.05 Ethereum


What are Pixelations? Pixelations are an NFT collection of 32×32 pixelated images. There are 3,232 Pixelations, each 100% stored and rendered on chain. For this collection, we took a unique approach. Rather than designing the art ourselves, we are giving the minter the ability to provide the art. This image could be anything: an IRL photo, a painting, or a JPEG pulled off the internet. Who is behind Pixelations? We’re two brothers, exploring the limits of what’s possible on Ethereum. If you want to chat, find us on the Pixelation’s Discord server. How does it work? Upon minting, we perform a number of image processing steps in order to viably store your image on chain, and also reduce minting gas fees as much as possible. At a high level we do the following off chain: 1. Convert the image into 32×32 pixels. 2. Extract the 32 colors that best represent the image via k-means clustering. 3. Compress the image via bit-packing since we now only need 5-bits to represent it’s 32 colors. After these off chain steps, your image is roughly 700 bytes of data that we store in our custom ERC-721 smart contract. When sites like OpenSea attempt to fetch your Pixelation’s metadata and image, our contract renders an SVG at run-time.