Pixel Pepe



Pixel Pepe


DATE: December 15, 2021 – December 22, 2021



500 pixel pepe available as NFTs backed by the solana blockchain. Enter the project to take part in an engaging community focused on benefits for owners.

What is the total pixel pepes supply? ‍ – total supply of pepe’s is 500. When is the mint going to happen? ‍ – pixel pepe’s minting will begin on 15/12/2021 at 7 pm UTC. What is the minting cost? ‍ – each pixel Pepe’s will cost 0.25 sol to mint. What solana wallets can I use? ‍ – you will be able to use three of solana’s main wallets phantom, sollet and solflare. Where can I buy or sell my pepes? ‍ – after mint, it will be on magiceden. How to become og/wl? – check︱get-whitelist to know how to get @early pepe role

We will have a raffle for 10 SOL 10 lucky winners will get 1 SOL each Rules are simple: Invite 1 friend -> Receive 1 ticket to the raffle The more friends you invite -> the more tickets you get (1 invite = 1 ticket) We will make a LIVE stream of our raffle so @everyone can check the fairness