Peace Eagle nft Free Mint

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1.05 Ethereum


Minting Stages:

We have divided our mint into 2 steps

30  August – In stage one you can mint 500 spots where the first 250 are free to mint (FCFS) and every NFT after that will be priced at 0.07.

15 September – We will mint 2800 during stage two which will be priced at 0.075

Our Story:

Peace Eagle is a project which has a dual function – to aim for long-lasting growth for investors via the NFT market, whilst at the same time aiming to ease suffering and hardship caused by conflict and humanitarian crises all over the world.

Our aims are to provide an NFT that is relevant to the current crisis in Ukraine, keeping it in the spotlight whilst pledging 60% of royalties to MOAS – an independent humanitarian charity that has no government ties.

Our NFT artwork also partly implements the cultural traits of Ukrainian history, as well as those of the emergency services and military defense personnel, to bring relevance, purpose, and meaning to those attributes in the artwork.

As well as owning the NFT, the first 250 investors will be sent $100 US Dollars worth of Peace Eagle Merchandise as a memento of their investment and their contribution to easing global suffering. Once 1,991 NFTs have been sold (1991 was the year Ukraine achieved independence from the former Soviet Union), a drawing will be made to determine the winner of an all-expenses-paid trip to the island of Malta.


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