Pawnshop Gnomies Drop



Pawnshop Gnomies Drop


Company: Pawnshop Gnomies

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5,555 Gnomies run the first NFT lending protocol on Solana. Gnomies will be able to receive money for Solana NFTs and get the same NFT back when needed.

Mint Gnomies to get early access and exclusive benefits:

1. During the IDO all fellow Gnomies will receive an airdrop of lending protocol tokens as part of the community allocation.

2. For the original minters who hold Gnomies NFT, the maximum available loan amount within the lending protocol will be x2 vs regular protocol customers.

3. In addition, only collection holders will be able to:

– use Oracle AI for free forever to evaluate any assets and explore forecasts on them
– get exclusive access to lending protocol beta
– get access to private liquidation sales
– a chance to buy something worthy for just a penny

4. Each minter with 3 Gnomies won’t pay any protocol fees for NFT-backed loans, ever, only liquidity supply APY.

Wen mint?

November 18th – 17:00 UTC – 0.33 SOL – 5555 NFTs