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Origin Heroes is a first-of-its-kind Play and Earn strategy game set in a mysterious and conflict-ridden metaverse known as Etheria. Players use a merge-based ecosystem to battle, quest, craft, and socialize as they explore a strange new land that witnessed the rise of the first Heroes.

Heroes earn Elixir of Courage utility tokens as they progress through the game. This is the premium currency of Etheria, and is used to create new generations of Heroes to join your cause. Additionally, Elixir of Courage is an everlasting commodity that will be used at later stages to build on land plots, acquire rare crafting materials, govern society, and more.

The First Heroes Collective

A limited collection of 8,888 Origin Hero NFTs that feature a unique and diverse pool of attributes. The metadata of each Hero is rooted within the story of Etheria – from their class and race, to their kingdom affiliation. Each Origin Hero doubles as your in-game character used to play, earn, and create new generations of heroes.

Furthermore, ownership of the First Collective Hero is your key to ongoing utility-driven benefits. Holders can expect exclusive access to land plots, future drops, merch, collaborations, and more.

About Etheria

For thousands of years, its inhabitants of all races and backgrounds lived in peace and prosperity. Among the six major kingdoms – Everpine, Strathmore, Frostfall, Darkwell Landing, Portsmouth, and New Grimsby, trade bloomed and conflict waned. As such, the need for warriors faltered. Armies became redundant and diminished over time, soon almost completely forgotten.


As it has always come to pass, no peace lasts forever. A shadow swept across the land as quickly as it was deadly. A shadow from which a great threat descended. Caught off guard, unprepared and desperate, the rulers of the six kingdoms reached desperately for the last glimmer of hope in the looming darkness – the Elixir of Courage.

Remnants of what once had been the best and strongest warriors were sent by each kingdom from all corners of the land. Their bodies were then imbued with this powerful and mystical concoction. Steadily, their numbers grew as the elixir was exhausted. One by one, until there were 8,888 of them. Thus, the First Heroes Collective was born.


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