Ogami Mages

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1.05 Ethereum


The Ogami Mage Collection will be the VIP ticket into the Ogami ecosystem

Ogami Conquest is the first MOBA game with sandbox elements that utilizes NFTs as playable and breedable characters backed by the $OGM token, giving players true ownership of their NFTs and a new governance model that bridges the gap between players and developers.


– Ogami Mage can be staked for $OGM

– Whitelist for $OGM token presale

– Airdrop of the first-ever Kodari NFTs (+ free breeding event)

– Airdrop of $OGM token and Kodari NFT cosmetics (different rarities)

– Access to Pre-Alpha of Ogami Conquest

– Ogami Mage NFTs will be usable in different Metaverse projects

– Holders can mint Premium Battle Pass NFT for free

– Will unlock a Kodari skin in Ogami Conquest

– Can be used as an Avatar in Ogami Conquest