Non-Fungible Story (OlyVer)



Non-Fungible Story (OlyVer)


Company: Olyseum

Our vision for the overall Non-Fungible Story is to give our fans an immersive and value added experience where they will be able to acquire a unique NFT of their favorite stars, which gives the community the ability to have ownership of their fandom. Holders of the NFT will have access to a star-led virtual social engagement platform that brings fans closer than ever before to their favorite celebrities and world famous brands.

The first NFS episode will feature Alvaro Morte who is famous for his role as the Professor from Money Heist. The collection will comprise a set of 11,111 NFTs that will feature the actor in all facets of his character and will embody his personality in digital form. The set of collectibles will also come with exclusive perks like merch, private event invites and participation in future projects of Alvaro.

The project’s long term goal is to bring onboard various public figures from all segments of the entertainment, sports, business industries and to work closely with them to formulate and bring to life their versions of an NFT experience that they want to give to their fans. Olyseum aims to bring to our fans a unique series of 111 digital NFT Meta collections. Each crafted with love for our fans and through our desire to giveback something meaningful and memorable to the lifeblood of any project, our fans. These personalized NFTs of your favorite public figures will live in epic form on the blockchain!