Non-Fungible Conference.2022 – Lisbon


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Non-Fungible Conference.2022 – Lisbon



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The Best European NFT event is coming! The Non-Fungible Conference will launch its event this year with lots of interesting talks and activities.

The Non-Fungible Conference is one the most popular NFT events in Europe. It aims to bring together major artists and collectors, most importantly! Along with major platforms, projects and investors they will rock the global NFT community!

The event has 3 sponsorship categories:

Platinum Sponsors

  • The Sandbox
  • Axie Infinity
  • Ledger
  • Amot Club
  • Gold Sponsors
  • OVR.Ai
  • POAP.Ar
  • Bullieverse
  • Nansen.

Silver Sponsors

  • Venly
  • Ape Gang
  • Exclusible
  • Basilius a.k.a Salvator Cibermunu
  • arianne
  • DFG
  • La Collection.

Bronze Sponsors

  • Cometh
  • Artrade
  • Powder
  • Cyber Baat
  • Timescale
  • Ramp
  • Party Degenerates.

Bu that’s not all! NFT Evening is also one of the event’s major partners. The partners include CoinTelegraph, Cryptolabs and more!

What’s more interesting is that by just joining the conference, you can win cool NFTs! Participants can win by just wearing their favorite outfit and PFP accessories. More importantly, they have to enter the NFC Contest. Moreover, All event participants can also join the Sandbox party!

The BEST European NFT conference is set to take place in APRIL!

Supported by big names, the NFC will hold its event on April 4th to 5th, this year. Throughout the conference, the event will feature NFT talks and fun and amazing activities, including parties and competitions.

Location: Lisbon – Pavilhāo Carlos Lopes

Number of Attendees: over 2000+

Price: €760.79 ( Public Sales end on April 4, 2022)

Participants, Speakers & Panelists: 100+ OG International Speakers, artists, panels and 4 content tracks.

NFT Conference Schedule:

  • April 4 to 5 (Monday – Tuesday)
    – GAMING TALKS – Topics: Play-to-Earn, E-Sports, Business Models.

– ART TALKS – Topics: OG Stories, New Standards, the Future of Cryptoart.

-COLLECTIBLES TALKS – Topics: Key Business Success, the Future of Collectibles.

-METAVERSE TALKS – Topics: Current Situation and Latest Metaverse Projects

  • April 5 (Tuesday)

-Sandbox Jungle Party

The Best European NFT event, Non-Fungible Conference, will launch on April 4th to 5th 2022 in Lisbon. Throughout the conference, the event will feature NFT talks and fun and amazing activities with over 2000+ attendees. The ticket costs €760.79. Public Ticket Sales will end on April 4, 2022.