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The annual damages of fashion counterfeits have topped $500 billion. As soon as a great design hits the market, you can be sure, that someone is probably starting to make a cheap copy of it. Why would you then invest in a really expensive shirt if everybody is running around with a $10 counterfeit, that looks exactly the same at first glance? And how do you even know, if the shirt you are buying is really an original? You don’t! Unless…

The shirt is unique and non-fungible.

You probably know what an NFT is. A non-fungible piece of art, that is unique and has all its information stored securely on a blockchain. There is only one kind of it and only one owner at the same time. How would it be to have the same forgery-proof technology implemented in the luxury fashion industry? Imagine buying a limited edition shirt that can not be counterfeited at all.

That’s why we founded NF360. Combining fashion with NFT blockchain technology. Every owner of a limited 360 NFT collection is authorized to claim a one-of-a-kind NF360 shirt, that is secured with a unique QR Code. Every QR Code leads to a verification page, that shows if you are still owning the NFT and other personal information, that you will be able to submit when you claim your shirt.

As soon as an NFT gets sold, the QR Code will lead to a new page, that indicates, that you are not the owner of the NFT and that you are wearing a counterfeit.

With NF360 it’s the end of „fake it until you make it“.