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Once you have been granted your newfound ability you will be able start perfecting it together with your fellow Guardians. The Netern core team will be your guides as you embark on this new journey while learning and building together.


One of our main goals is to create a true community-based collections, where the input and decisions Netern members make decide their collections fate. You’ll be able to decide on things like art styles, traits, character types and even the events taking place in their stories. It’s all about you! Your choices and expressions will build the characters and their origins you love.


Taking the art and stories we’ve created together and bringing them into the real world as physical collectables.


We are big believers in the metaverse having a huge part in not just our world but the futures alternative reality and gaming. We want the Netern community to be able to rock their collections as characters and wearables in metaverses such as The Sandbox and Decentraland or even create our own Game. This will take holders digital identities to the next level giving them access to more than just profile picture art.


One of our favorite things we want to work on with the community is street wear. Being able to produce quality art and clothing designs for our community to wear every day, either at home in front of their screens or out in the public looking stylish and lighting things up.