Nebula Imperium

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Deep in the far reaches of the universe lies a Nebula. As chaotic as the sea, it’s tentacles stretch across time and space snatching people, places and objects and consuming them. The result; a bustling hive of life and diversity living beneath the banner of the Imperium.

Nebula Imperium is a an ever expanding creative project born from strange, retro sci-fi inspired concept art. Each NFT in Season One not only represents a unique token but also membership to the Imperium Senate; an exclusive Community based Role Playing Game where Senators (Token Owners) debate and vote on various issues that will determine the future of the Nebula. Each Token Owner also obtains the right to construct a canon backstory for their character that will be cemented in Nebula Lore.

As the Imperium expands, so will it’s challenges. Future seasons will introduce new Tokens and Special Events, each offering a new dimension to Community Play. The ultimate goal is to create a an exciting, open ended sci-fi fantasy where contributors across the globe can offer their own work, whether that be art, novelisations or animation.