Motor Culture Society Whitelist Mint

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1.05 Ethereum


While other “collections” on the market trying to play around with the low-effort stuff. We are going to bring something different to the world.

Motor Culture Society creates a true lifestyle car culture NFTs and looking for friends and like-minded people. People with whom to watch a Formula 1 match, and hang out on the street racing or stance meetup. That will be the members of the Motor Culture Society.

Our very first collection MCS Genesis Aesthetics is supported by famous racing drivers, teams, and auto communities. It will be interactive and linked with the real racing cars, and stance vehicles that you can support and follow.  They will share with you their experiences and emotions that they get in training and competition.

At the same time, we want to bring the experience and design quality of the automotive industry to the world of cryptocurrencies, showing that you can own collectibles that have been designed by automotive design professionals and with maximum quality.

How to become a member of the White List?

To get a spot on the White List you need to be selected among people who are:

– Joined early to the community and during all time before mint started and provided a significant contribution to the Motor Culture Society.

– Engaged with Twitter posts (likes, RT, comments), mention a number of friends, spread the word about the project, etc.

– Created some content about the project and gained some traction on that.

Find in Discord, trying to keep a true conversation and get some badges.

Follow us on our social media and join our discord server to get more info and be up to.