Moon Earth NFT Land Sale


1.05 Ethereum


Revolution Moon Earth is a game based in the distant future. In this iteration, three meteors strike our planet, the entire world is on fire, and the people of Earth must flee.

Revolution Moon Earth is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which you explore, play, and earn your way across our solar system, beginning with the Moon. A thrilling investigation of the depths of Time, Space, and Human Civilization.

Revolution Moon Earth is a hybrid of classic gaming experiences and blockchain best practices such as DAO voting, NFT, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

There will only be 1000 LAND plots available on each planet and the Moon. Each plot is avaialble for .15 ET

LANDS are blockchain-backed virtual assets representing actual parcels of Land on different planets in our Metaverse (using the ERC-721 standard for NFTs). Each plot of land is an NFT, representing an ownership stake in that planet or the Moon. Plots are limited to 1000 per planet.

Owning or renting an NFT plot will be the only way to generate in-game tokens and also grants governance rights in that planetary DAO.

Interplanetary DAO governance is tied to the in-game token. Owners can submit recommendations and vote on specific game features, treasury usage, attributes, and development.

Planetary DAO members will have a say in everything that impacts that planet, such as governance, trading allegiances, exports, etc. This will affect gameplay and interplanetary connections in the same way that governments of individual countries do on Earth.

The Moon Earth Federation owns unsold land until it is purchased.
Each planet will have its distinct and interactive environment, offering chances to DAOs and players through land-based commerce, environmental resources, skins, gaming, and other means.

NFT landowners will be able to:

Buy and sell land

Rent out the land

Advertise on their property

Stake their NFT and earn passive income

Participate in lp farming

NFT holders will be airdropped in-game tokens

Land resources can be mined and sold


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