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MetaZoo Games Tokens

Collection Ethereum

Project Details:

  • Total Volume: 840 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.5
  • Listed: 2%
  • Unique Owners: 44%

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With the Veil between our world and all things magical mysteriously shattered, it is up to you to become a powerful enough Caster to fight the menacing Indrid Cold and his powerful Cryptids….or join their ranks! Will you form a Contract with the benevolent Bigfoot and Fearsome Critters to protect our forests, or embrace the flying catastrophe that is The Mothman? The choice is yours in MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation!

This collection features 6 unique tokens which are the currency in the MetaZoo lore, each of which is representative of a special item or character in the MetaZoo universe.