Metatrends Nft

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1.05 Ethereum


Welcome to Metatrends NFT.

Metatrends is an exclusive fashion space with a collection of 4321 individual high-detailed NFTs. It’s a project where you make your DREAM STYLE come true. Metatrends it’s a community and together we create luxury fashion metaverse – space for the wildest ideas. …

Our NFT-collection is focused on trendy images for the metaverse. Fashion. Quality. Design. And our NFTs are perfect for Twitter/Instagram/Facebook avatars that you can put as “NFT PHP”.

Check our RoadMap and Staking info on or Discord

Raffle schedule:

8/10/22 20:00 (UTC) WL Raffle starts.

8/17/22 15:00 (UTC) WL Raffle closes.


WL mint starts at 18 August 15.00 UTC – 0.009 ETH

Punblic mint starts at 18 August 16.00 UTC – 0.012 ETH

*For each wallet, 3 NFTs will be available for purchase.


The first 500 buyers who mint 2 or 3 NFTs are guaranteed to receive a free AIRDROP the next day.

P.S: Everything will be specified in the Smart Сontract.