MetaPigs Founders Collection Drop



MetaPigs Founders Collection Drop


Company: MetaPharm / MetaPigs Founders Collection

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13,000 MetaPigs 🐷 Battling the MetaThieves 🧟 in MetaPharm ⚔️

A Battle-Strategy P2E Game with Sound In-Game Economics & Strong Progression Incentives

💸 20% of Royalties given back to Owner’s Every Month 💸

Our team is comprised of NFT & Play To Earn Enthusiasts that saw a problem with the current state of Play To Earn Gaming – Sound In-Game Economics that are designed for long term sustainability

To fix this issue, players earn in an inflationary in-game currency called “$SEEDS”.

Whereas most P2E games stop there, we pushed the tokenomics forward.

In order to level up & progress in the game, players are required to re-invest their earnings into their ‘Pharm’ which acts as their home base. You can compare this to clash of clans’ town hall.

As you stake more $SEEDS in your Pharm, you unlock new weapons, buildings, gameplay features & more
Players are also highly incentivized to keep progressing in the game & staking $SEEDS as they are paid out through $PHRM coin – a Sound fixed supply asset that backs all economic activity in MetaPharm

$PHRM coin is acquired based on:
– The amount of $SEEDS a player has staked in their Pharm
– The prestige level of a player’s Pharm

About how we plan on changing the Play to Earn gaming space and bringing society from a:

Work to Earn Society → Play to Earn Society