Meta Peace Collection


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Meta Peace Collection

Collection Ethereum

Project Details:

  • Total Volume: 0.350 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.03
  • Listed: 65%
  • Unique Owners: 35%

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I created this art to feed the hippie connection that I have felt for the Peace Sign since childhood. Being a physical artist, the NFT world opened up a new opportunity to create entirely digitally and this collection is the product of that journey.

The pieces listed at .05 are Meta Peace Signs where I’ve incorporated my Broken Series artwork into them, hence the difference in price.

Peace, Love and Meta Art. Bringing these symbol of of peace to the #metaverse. #NFTsForPeace

Each of these #PeaceSigns are individually created by me, some of them are derived from my original artwork — others are created with a vision of movement or message.