Meta Battlebots


1.05 Ethereum


Powered by Solidus AI Tech, our utility token AITECH is the World’s First Artificial Intelligence utility token to be used by Governmental Authorities, Corporations, SMEs, Metaverse & Play2Earn projects for Artificial Intelligence services and high-performance computing power. We are now entering the Metaverse and the Play2Earn gaming space which, according to a 2021 Bloomberg report, is valued at $500bn with huge growth predictions. Meta Battlebots is a collection of 10,000 NFTS with rarity based their attributes and US Military rankings.


  • Creative design of 10,000 detailed 3D Battlebots.
  • Play2Earn Game structure and finalizing the design and functionality.
  • Partnership with METAGAMZ and ULTIMVR.
  • Development of the Staking platform.
  • Expanding the Marketing and design team Across Europe, Middle East and ASIA.
  • Creation of the Collection white Paper- Press release to over 500 Media outlets.


  • Announcements of Confirmed credible global exchange partners for AITECH.
  • High quality Content creation bringing the Battlebots to life.
  • Scheduled daily postings and community management.
  • Announcement of discord with active moderators and frequent Q&As.
  • Community building and project collaborations.
  • Attending global Crypto and NFT Event.s
  • World Blockchain Summit held in Singapore, Solidus AI Tech winning.
  • The award for “Top Artificial Intelligence ICO for 2022.
  • Press release to over 500 media outlets.
  • Weekly giveaways of Eth and AITECH tokens to the community.


  • Private sale of Meta Battlebots to AITECH holders and investors.
  • Whitelist Sale of Meta Battlebots Public Sale.
  • Resale on Opensea and all major market places.
  • Smart Contract Audit by Certik.


  • Launch of Solidus AITECH staking platform with the ability to stake NFTS and AITECH for rewards.
  • Phase 2 of the Metaverse Development.
  • Phase 2 of the Play2Earn Game development.
  • Releasing the first teaser trailer for the Game.


  • Launch of the Meta Battlebots Play2Earn Game.
  • Daily Payouts to the scoreboard leaders of the Game.
  • Giveaway of 100/100 Physical Meta Battlebots Statues to metabattlebot holders.
  • Announcement of the next evolution of the Meta Battlebots and a new generation of Robots.

We are due to launch our Meta Battlebot NFTs which will give you exclusive access to our Play2Earn game in the Metaverse we are developing. We are building a multiplayer 25km2 cutting-edge 3D/VR Metaverse Play2Earn/Play2Burn shooting/FPS war game in Unreal Engine 5. The players in our Metaverse will be able earn NFTs – weapons, skins etc., which can be traded on our marketplace and AITECH tokens for obtaining the highest score which can be staked or sold for liquidity. We will also build Peer2Peer battle rooms where individuals or teams can place AITECH tokens into an Escrow account on our platform and the winner takes all. We will retain 20% of the tokens that are won. In addition, 10% of the tokens will be sent to a burn wallet, 5% will go back into the ecosystem to further develop the game and 5% will go back into the game to reward players.

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