Mayfair Witches Tokenized Pass by Orange Comet



Mayfair Witches Tokenized Pass by Orange Comet


DATE: March 07, 2023 – March 14, 2023

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1.05 ETH

AMC’s Immortal Universe of Anne Rice is continuing its campaign to web3, bringing all the supernatural, mystical, and lurking in the shadows to blockchain in partnership with Orange Comet. The first stage of the campaign was the launch of The Immortal Pass NFTs on December 8th. Then the next-gen full-service NFT production and promotion company took up the challenging task to transfer the complex universe of Anne Rice’s books to the metaverse. Those passes were sold out in minutes, providing holders with the gateway to an epic voyage into the magic world of magnetic vampires, powerful witches, and all sorts of creatures of the night.

The next chapter in the horrifyingly beautiful saga is the Witching Hour in the Immortal Universe, which starts with the Mayfair Witches Pass NFT mint.

All those who are not indifferent to everything supernatural and mysterious, have a perfect chance to join the virtual Coven of like-minded witches, spiritualists, and all other beings of magic by minting a Mayfair Witches Pass. These tokens open the door to the collect-to-earn Metaverse of the Mayfair Witches where your avatar explores the realm full of spiritual experiences and challenges.

There will be only 6,667 Mayfair Witches passes released by Orange Comet on March 7th, exclusively on OpenSea. These tokenized passes are true art pieces that come in three rarities: Designated, Powerful, and Gifted. According to the tier, each pass grants you magical powers to cast spells, being a gateway to Anne Rice’s Immortal Universe.

Additionally, according to the outline on Orange Comet, the minters will be treated to a myriad of exclusive holder-only perks, such as:

  • Access to the Immortal Universe where you can Collect-2-Earn.
  • Three signed Mayfair Witches Scripts and other autographed items.
  • Access to tarot readers, fortune-tellers, astrologists, inspirational thought leaders, and more via exclusive Discord.
  • Scheduled Witching Wine Hours, where the community can connect virtually (and magically) to empower each other. The first gathering is scheduled for March.
  • Access to trips to filming locations for Mayfair Witches and other supernatural/spiritual locations.
  • Giveaways of spellbox gifts containing lotions, potions, and tinctures.
  • Access to a Limited-Edition Physical Commemorative Item.
  • Access to Free Airdrops of Mayfair Witches NFTs and Exclusive Limited-Editions of Mayfair Witches Mints.

Currently, all willing to enter the Immortal Universe can join the allowlist, which is open until March 3rd. The mint will open to the public at 11:30am PT/2:30pm ET.

Embrace the spirit of bewitching power, and explore the realm with other members of your digital coven!


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