Marvel's Exclusive Spider-Man NFTsminting



Marvel’s Exclusive Spider-Man NFTs

Project Details:

  • Presale Date: January 17, 2022 – January 22, 2022

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1.05 Ethereum


Meet the two amazing Peter Parker aka Spider-Man collectibles as part of the six-piece Kraven’s Last Hunt NFT Drop on Veve. The four NFT comic books dubbed Web of Spider-Man #31, Amazing Spider-Man #293, Spectacular Spider-Man #131, and Web of Spider-Man #32, have already dropped. But you still have the opportunity to join the event with two of the six NFTs named Amazing Spider-Man #294 and Spectacular Spider-Man #132 tokenized comics with 5 cover rarities, dropping in a box format. This is how each collection of 30,000 NFTs is divided according to the tokens’ rarity: COMMON — Classic Cover: 21,000 UNCOMMON — Vintage Variant: 5,000 RARE — Hero Variant: 2,350 ULTRA RARE — Vibranium Variant: 1,050 SECRET RARE — True Believer Variant: 600 So, Amazing Spider-Man #294 is, probably, the tensest part in the series, depicting the story of Kraken’s interim rare superiority over Spider-Man. The release features VeVe Exclusive Rare & Ultra Rare covers by Will Sliney and Israel Silva. The collection drops on January 21, in a total amount of 30,000. The last drop in the series, Spectacular Spider-Man #132 opens up in the most unpredictable ending. Do you want to know whether Spider-Man will manage to stop the animalistic Vermin? Participate in the drop on January 22 to know everything firsthand. The last collection features VeVe Exclusive Rare & Ultra Rare covers by Tony Daniel and Marcelo Maiolo. Join the digital collectible revolution! Collect your favorite comics in the most advantageous format. The NFTs are available exclusively via iOS and Android VeVe mobile apps.

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