LootMogul Platina Collection Nfts

Collection Polygon


1.05 Ethereum


We are celebrating the most inspiring sports stars with their rare NFTs.The collection emphasizes the attitude and features of the real character. We are offering NFTs of various athletes like Alex Bentley, Rick Barry, Greg Harrel, etc. The collectors can get numerous benefits including:

  • Early access to LootMogul tokens upcoming presale
  • Play with the avatar inside the upcoming LootMogul metaverse game for free
  • Party with the avatar inside the LootMogul metaverse exclusive events
  • Enter into a raffle to win tickets to real-world premium events
  • Surprise LootMogul NFT exclusive airdrops

The collection is available for trading in the OpenSea. At LootMogul, we prioritize quality. When designing, we pay close attention to the influencers’ feelings and our own designs.