Logan Paul: 99 Originals NFT Drop and DAO – Originals Website



Logan Paul: 99 Originals NFT Drop and DAO – Originals Website


Company: Originals DAO

Youtuber and social media personality Logan Paul is dropping his 99 Originals NFT collection and launching a DAO. Basically, it features 99 polaroid photos documenting the most important days of his life. The avid NFT collector has a combined social media followers of 30 million on Youtube and Twitter so he has a solid base to start with.

The NFTs will drop on April 18 via the project’s proprietary website.

Drop Highlights: 99 Originals by Logan Paul

A few days ago, Logan Paul released a video titled “I Made A Masterpiece | Logan Paul’s 99 Originals”. Essentially, it was the trailer for his passion project. After facing off against Floyd Mayweather, he came up with the idea and premise for this project. “I need to take the craziest, coolest photo I can every single day for the next 99 days.”

Paul writes, “I broke bones, witnessed miracles, nearly severed my family, experienced substance addiction, traveled with the world’s wealthiest, fell in love (more than once), lived dangerously in the present and concluded with 99 of the most significant moments of my life captured on tangible film.”

After the 24-hour auction, NFT holders can redeem their physical polaroid authenticated and slabbed by PSA.

Originals DAO

Originals NFTs entitle owners to membership and voting in the Originals DAO. 1 Original = 1 Vote. The Originals DAO will oversee the Community Treasury and make collaborative decisions on how to spend funds. So members will be granted a special “Originals DAO” role, along with access to private, token-gated channels (Discord, etc.). For example, the DAO will oversee proposals and projects like:

  • Firstly, purchasing digital and/or physical assets.
  • Then, managing assets held in the Treasury
  • Funding creative projects by fellow DAO members
  • Access to exclusive experiential events
  • Topic suggestions or guests for IMPAULSIVE podcast
  • Lastly, sponsoring independent artists, gallery showcases, and activations.