Like Space – Lost Spaceman

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1.05 Ethereum


Like space – lost spaceman

#likespace collection of 10k exclusive spacemen in eth #educationproject #meta with love from the first btc city .

About project

Like space is the first utilitarian nft project focused on human curiosity to go further, theorize, study and discover the great mysteries of the universe for that we will come into contact with the fourth type with people who are experts on the subject. Similarly, we seek to bring experiences in outer space to life through vr. Our project is stored on the ethereum network in the opensea marketplace and published through the artium platform (nft project focused on the promotion and launch of ntf projects). The first generation consists of 10,000 completely unique, handcrafted tokens with different characteristics, items, classes, and utilities. We plan a first mint of 2,000.


Best features

Periodical floor sweeps: 20% mint eth will periodically floor sweep to maintain the floor price above minting price.

Vr – explore space: when 40% of the items are sold, the project explores space begins, to which all users who have a spaceman will have access.

Social program: 30% of the income is destined to help public schools in central america in technological and scientific subjects.

Let’s think big: if the sale of the legendary spaceman generates income of more than $200k usd, we will launch a satellite.



08-jun: lounch project, mint phase 10k max supply and lounch in opensea.

15-jun: start project, official website launch, marketing and awareness and amplification via collaboration with twitter verified influencers

13-aug: guaranteed white list, release 20% of the items to whitelist users wallets that won a guaranteed spot, the sale price will be 0.6eth, start 5:00 pm utc

14-aug: pre-registered whitelist, release 10% of the items for wallets that pre-registered, you can buy a spaceman per user, the sale price will be 0.1et increasing the profitability of our spaceman, start 5:00 pm utc.

15-aug: public sale, reveal all spaceman and free for purchase 20% on the marketplace includes common and uncommon spaceman, start 5:00pm utc.

50% sold: release for sale all rare and ultra rare spaceman on the marketplace.

80% sold: release for sale all the legendary spaceman in the marketplace.