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La Galerie des NFT


Company: La Galerie Des NFT

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1.05 Ethereum

First ever project where rarity of NFT will be decided by comunity vote!

Holders will party with porn stars at our exclusive event!

HURRY UP get NFT at only 6.9 sol on pre-sale today

on public sell it will be 7.5 sol

What is La Galerie des NFT ?

“La Galerie des Nft” is an exclusive digital art gallery with collections from artists all over the world. We are the bridge between the community and the artists. We’re only having collections that will be valuable for our holders. All new collections will have the support of the community of the previous ones and that will create value in your NFTs. Our first collection goes by the name “Le Bel Anus”.

What is Le Bel Anus ?

“Le Bel Anus” is a digital art collection with 2000+1 original NFTs inspired by the anuses of the 2000 most famous porn stars.
For the first time in NFTs’ history, the rarity of the pieces will be defined by the community.
The +1 is the Masterpiece named “Le Fusion des Anus” that will be sold in auction after the public mint of the other 2000.
Are there any benefits of owning a Le Bel Anus NFT ?

Of course! Le Bel Anus holders will get access to the next collections white list, 1% of the next collections resales for life, 15% of the Masterpiece auction sale and 5 % of the resales of the masterpiece for life.

Blockchain protocol ?

Anal sex is great when its consensual that’s why our protocol is not ETH but SOLANA. 😎

HOLDERS rules?

1 NFT – White List Access to the next collections and private events pass (minimum hold 1 month) + 1 year onlyfans sub if you mint one of the muses NFT

2 NFTs – 1 free NFT in the next collection. – 15 % of the Master Piece “Le Fusion des Anus” (hold from the start till the auction sale) + previous topics

3 NFTs – 1% of the next collections resales (minimum hold 1 month) + previous topics

5 NFTs – 1 % of the Le Bel Anus sales (spliting for holders with minimum 5 NFTs) + previous topics


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