Krazy Koalas NFT


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Krazy Koalas NFT

Project Details:

  • Total Volume: 1189 ETH
  • Floor Price: 0.008
  • Listed: 1%
  • Unique Owners: 39%

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The Krazy Koala collection is a collection of 9999 randomly generated koalas on the Ethereum Blockchain, with all of the traits being hand drawn individually and meticulously by our artist. Each Koala in our collection is unique, and have no limits on what you could potentially use them for. Owning a Krazy Koala immediately grants you access to the Krazy Krew. I mean come on, who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Krazy Krew members will gain access to exclusive perks and get to be a part of one of the kraziest communities known to mankind. So what are you waiting for? Come get Krazy with us!