Knee Heads


1.05 Ethereum


– the knee heads evolution is the 2nd gen collection of the knee heads.

An organic and family-driven project.

In this second collection we are launching 3333 items that will be sell in two stages:

The first will be for “Evolution spot” (max 1 per wallet) = free mint.

The second will be the public sale (max 10 per transaction)  = 0.01 eth.

– our 1st gen collection is yellow knee head collection. A 47  handmade items collection fully minted over opensea (find more on our website).

Knee heads evolution

Supply: 3333

Mint price: free for whitelist – 0.01 public sale

Mint date:  october 7th

Twitter: https://twitter.Com/kneeheads

Discord: https://discord.Gg/kxfavge8vf

Website: kneeheads.Com

Og collection (ykhc): https://opensea.Io/collection/yellowkneeheadcollection