DATE: May 04, 2022 – May 11, 2022

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The Bloodlans were difficult lands to thrive in. The villagers struggled against famine, diseases and the Lords of Akhruba day in and day out. The Lords would put down peasants without restraint and take advantage of them for their own purposes.

Despite a newly promoted to Lord young Takir, who wanted to stop such an aberration by putting forward many suggestions to the board of trustees, nothing prevented the situation from becoming untenable, leading to the scenario that many wanted to avoid: revolution.

Although the number of villagers who joined forces to fight against Akhruba’s soldiers was far greater than the soldiers themselves, this was a quick battle with no options for the inhabitants.

Many asked for forgiveness from the Lords, though very few were selected to return home and try to get on with their lives. The remainder were exiled out of the Bloodlands and decided to travel to the North; Asruul.

Once they had crossed the great lava gorges that had been erupting continuously since they inhabited the Bloodlans, they made their way to Orosh, the only known dormant volcano remaining at the centre of the other volcanoes.

As they approached the volcano, they noticed that a thin layer of glowing ash spread out from the inside. Not only did it not stain, but it created a kind of momentary electricity as it settled on the ground.

They decided to enter Orosh and got down to build along its inner walls, creating structures worthy of Akhruba’s finest craftsmen (many of the exiled had already learned together with them) and setting up a city within the volcano, which soon spread into the surrounding area. Protected by the circle of volcanoes called Asruul, it was a safe place to thrive in.

They discovered how the ashes coming from Orosh provided them with such a physical and mental power never known before in Ruy. They discovered that the electricity had some kind of power that made them feel connected to each other and their environment when it touched the ground.


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