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The Story

Kadena Mining Club’s (KMC) has one mission Mining for All.

Back in 2012, anybody could mine Bitcoin using their home computer and be rewarded in Bitcoin for doing so. But, you could never do that today. Since mining is so rewarding, companies started to develop computers that only mine and perform no other functions. These computers are built for industrial warehouses. Not the miner at home. As more of these industrial miners come online, rewards decrease for everybody else, particularly for the at home miners who have less access to capital and stricter infrastructure requirements.

We are pioneering the future of both NFTs and mining. Your NFT is tied directly to a real mining computer. The Goldshell KD-Max.

Real Mining, Real Rewards

Each NFT is a contract to buy Kadena cryptocurrency mining power. All of the miners will be hosted in a facility powered completely by renewable energy by Bitkern . Thanks to our partnerships with Goldshell and Bitkern, we are able to offer the most cost-efficient method to mining Kadena available on the market today.

What’s Kadena and Why Do I Want to Mine it?

Kadena was founded by Will Martino and Stuart Popejoy. The two met at JP Morgan and led development of JP Morgan’s emerging blockchain group. They built Juno, JP Morgan’s blockchain. After building Juno, they left to start Kadena . Kadena launched for public use in 2019. In 2019, the co-inventor of blockchain, Dr. Stuart Haber joined the Kadena team. Dr. Stuart Haber is building the NFT standard on Kadena, Marmalade . Marmalade is Kadena’s NFT protocol and allows for things like royalties’ to be built into the smart contract. This removes the middleman (OpenSea) from the equation and gives more power to the people.

Kadena currently sits at roughly $400 million market cap. Down 90%+ from ATH. Things are just getting started on the Kadena blockchain. Dozens of new projects are launching every month. The next bull run will be Kadena’s bull run.

Did I mention no gas fees?


Mining is a terrific way to dollar-cost average (DCA) into a cryptocurrency. This is because no matter what the price of the coin, your miner is still working and generating fresh coins. During the last bull run, Kadena miners were the most profitable miners on the market. $500+ per day in revenues from a single machine. At only $400 million market cap, Kadena has tremendous upside.

The Goldshell KD-Max is the most efficient and most profitable Kadena miner on the market today. This is the miner that will power all 10,000 of our NFTs and will work to earn you rewards.

We have a purchase order from Goldshell for 220 of these machines and each machine is broken down into 63 NFTs.

How much can I expect to earn?

Each NFT comes with 640 GH/s of Kadena mining power. Using the Minerstat mining calculator, we can project that each NFT will generate between 9-10 KDA per month or roughly $21 . Remember, Kadena is down 90% from ATH of $25+

International Partnerships

We have partnered with Goldshell, the leading manufacturer of Kadena ASIC miners to power our NFTs. Goldshell has also created our project custom Kadena miners with our NFTs featured. Soon, these miners will be available for sale from

Commitment to Sustainability

Through our partnership with Bitkern , we are proud to confirm that our miners will be powered completely by renewable energy. Bitkern brings 5~ years of experience to the table and we have access to 24/7 maintenance professionals to ensure your miners remain online.

The Road Ahead

Your Kadena ASIC miner will be turned on Mid-Late September. You will be able to claim rewards no later than a week after our miners are turned online. Each miner comes with a comprehensive warranty and insurance plan, for more details, join our Discord!


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