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Interdimensional Abstract Cup Cakes

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  • BLOCKCHAIN: Polygon
  • PRE-SALE DATE: Oct 6, 2022

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As stated by the messages, I’ve been receiving telephatically from the cupcake maker. I was told to build this custom polygon contract to spread the knowledge of these dimensional cupcakes. They require more funds to share more cupcakes to all interdimensional beings. Not sure what the maker meant with this cupcake but it’s a least something I could do to know the truth. I was inform if the levels are reached faster then the rewards phase could be faster Level 0 : 100 initial mints and whitelist mints tier (100+ total mints) Whilelisted and first 100 mints are free Website can login to view collection and generate referral links Discord community invites and direct communication with team Level 0.1 : 100 variable priced mints (200+ total mints achieved) Minimum 10% referral commission per referral mint Refferal commission are paid out periodically depending on the total referral commissions amount As decreed by the maker. If referrers able to sell the mint at a higher price than cost. They will given propotional rewards for their efforts and that will be the new price Higher prices will maintain only if certain amount of mints are consistent per time period. Mint price will drop if mint activity is low compared to previous time period during minting period Level 0.29 : 1000 variable priced mints (1100+ total mints achieved) Mysterious stranger sends 10% of total minted price of NFTs in MATIC to cupcakes holders periodically Title/Badges in discord and website will be introduced for the first minters (Founders for first 100 and Early Adopters for the first 1000) Title will be given to the refferrers for their enourmous contribution to the cause Mini townhalls will be done periodically to get ideas of future efforts Level 0.5 : 1750 variable priced mints (1850+ total mints achieved) Mysterious stranger sends 10% of total minted price of NFTs in MATIC to cupcakes holders Whitepaper of cryptocurrency backed by NFT proceeds will be announced Activities for members will be arranged regarding the cupcakes will be made Level 1 : 3500 variable priced mints (3600+ total mints achieved) NFT holders will be initiated to exclusive investment group Portions of ETH stored in the contract will be invested into income generating businesses NFT holders will be able to get free mints for future projects related Level 1+ : Future endeavors (Updates from the cupcake maker will inform about the future)