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1.05 Ethereum


We have established a list of blue

chips that we will acquire right after

the mint, but that can change as the

market is very volatile so we will

make an announcement 6h before

each purchase and inform our

community about any important


– After each purchase an individual

section for each of the provided

channels will be created with the

most important information.

– We will not share every channel as

there is no use for that and it would

also take too much space in our own

discord, so only the channels with the

most important information will be


– As there will be many sections we

will keep our own section small, with

only the most useful channels (the

current setup will be changed after


Each NFT we acquire will be staked if

possible and all the gains will be

shared with the whole community.First phase will be an easy task for the

early insiders, however during the

next phases difficulty will increase.

Community engagement

– You can get Insidelisted by engaging

in our chat channels and by bonding

with the community. We value quality

over quantity, don’t spam or ask for

Insidelist. Bring innovative and useful

information to our circle,

Insiders creativity

– Be creative! You can post your fan

art, emojis, stickers and memes for

the Insiders on #@| fan-art. The

most oustanding will be awarded with.