Insane Smoothies Club


1.05 Ethereum


Hello everyone!!

We are the craziest smoothies in the NFT world

and we are on the Polygon blockchain, join this insane project.

You are still early

We are starting the project and we are looking for 200 people that wanna win a whitelist spot for our collection.

Insane Smoothies Utility

1. Each Smoothie Owner will have access to other amazing NFT collections

This is just the beginning, we have many more utilities lined up for our NFTs and we will reveal them in phase 2, but let us give you a spoiler.

Insane Smoothies Club is a collection of 4,000 insane NFTs with proof of ownership on the Polygon Blockchain. These Smoothies will have a lot of utilities and Smoothie Owners will be rewarded as the roadmap progresses.

Whitelist sale: October 1st, 2022

Minting price: 1 MATIC.

Public sale: October 08th, 2022

Minting price: 4 MATIC.