Infinus NFT

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1.05 Ethereum


infinus nft The web3 mmorpg metaverse that is here to stay

Pvp, pve, factions, housing/land plots… And all based on nft’s. Every item you collect is an nft and can be transfered and sold.

Our mission besides making an actual fun game to play, is to really highlight the utilities of nft’s in the new digital world. Expressing them trough gaming.

Project name: infinus nft

Wl price: 1.25 sol
Wl sale: 9/1/2022
Wl time: 21:00 utc
Wl supply: 2500

Public price: 2 sol
Public sale: 9/1/2022
Public time: 22:00 utc
Public supply: 7500

Total supply: 10.000