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Hotspin NFT


DATE: November 10, 2022 – November 17, 2022

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1.05 ETH

First 200 Hotspin NFT’s are Free.

Hotspin is the Online Casino Network that helps people play more than 20 games and start earning money and huge rewards.

Hotspins are limited-edition vip membership NFTs that give their owners access to the cutting-edge DeFi gambling platform. Hotspins, tokens based on the ERC-721 standard, are used to verify ownership on the Ethereum network. Hotspins are not your typical online community; it actually helps people in over 150 casinos worldwide. You have complete control over this spin machine, determining all of the rules.

There are no two Hotspins NFTs alike, and their rarity varies. However, unlike other NFTs where rarity is based solely on appearances, the rarer your Hotspins, the more prizes it will earn.

These tokens cannot be traded for one another, making them non-fungible.

Exclusive Holder Reward:
Each Hotspin with rare characteristics will receive an Exclusive Holder Reward. A user who purchases a Hotspin NFT effectively becomes a member of the exclusive club for life.

Hotspin Club is a Casino gaming and platform on which token holders can cast votes and determine the allocation of gaming rewards.

Exclusive Holder Rewards (EHR) can refer to a wide variety of bonuses and perks that Hotspin DAO decides to offer its token holders.

Play Games and Earn Money
With the Hotspinverse casino network, anyone can play casino games on the network and try their luck to earn money by playing hotspin casino games.

But the Hotspin NFT holders will get extra benefits for playing these games and earn money from playing hotspin casino games.

If someone owns Hotspin NFT then they’ll get free chips to play and those who does not own Hotspin NFT they’ve to purchase NFT chips with a rented nft avatar or with realmoney to play

NFT holders have 25% more probability of winning rather than a non NFT holder

20% Rakeback on All Games
Hotspin Holders will get 20% Rakeback on each Hotspin casino game if they lose the bet on any online casino game. up to 5000$.

Owners of HotSpins will be upgraded to VIP status at any of the 150+ casinos we work with, earning up to 20% Rakeback on all wagers.

20% rakeback to nft holders and 10% rakeback to non nft holders only if they purchase chips worth more than 800$.

You will get 20% Rakeback in 150+ casinos by holding Hotspin NFT.

NFT Staking & Spinnery Machine
You can stake your NFTs on Hotspinverse casino to get rewards and play online casino games in the Hotspin casino club.

Also, players can stake their crypto to play online Hotspin casino games and strengthen their crypto portfolio in the market.

NFT holders will get 4 to 14 free spins and for non holders, one can buy particular no. of spins and can win things like chips, coins or nfts or rent an avatar.

Free spins to holders will be given according too the rarity of their NFT.


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