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HODL-X is a HODL-2-Earn(H2E) NFT project that enables users to create a collection and generate profits with collectible NFTs. Starting from SNKRS NFT, HODL-X will embrace various collectible NFTs from other projects. HODL-2-Earn is an entertaining open-type staking system that allows users to create collections, upgrade with in-game features, and generate profits.

All you have to do is to make your collection a masterpiece! We are gonna have so much fun together because our community welcomes every collectible NFT hodlers. We are so excited to see all the collections that you are going to make!

SNKRS is the first collectible NFT series of HODL-X. Owners of SNKRS NFTs can earn profits by creating collections without compromising their design, uniqueness, and rarity just as other collectibles do. Renowned artist Tyson Park designs HODL-X SNKRS NFTs

HODL-X SNKRS will be minted in a shoebox. Participants will be able to reveal the shoebox to get a SNKRS NFT. The quality of the SNKRS depends on the quality of the shoebox. Users can also generate a new shoebox by combining two existing SNKRS. The generated SNKRS can be traded in the marketplace or added to the collection.

Showcase is an in-game item for SNKRS collection. Users can combine their SNKRS with the showcase to boost SNKRS attributes. There are five qualities of a showcase, each with different boost attribute points.

There are five qualities of our SNKRS: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and unique. Each SNKRS has four attributes: popularity, design, luck, and size. The quality and the attribute points affect the quality and level of the collection, which affects token earnings.

Users must use tickets to exhibit their collections. The required number of tickets depends on the selected gallery for exhibitions. The max number of tickets depends on the number of SNKRS in the collection. The tickets are charged every 6 hours until it reaches the ticket cap.

A Gallery is a virtual place where users exhibit their collections. Each Gallery requires a different number of tickets for the exhibition. HODL-X Gallery will also be released in NFTs.

Users can increase their earnings by improving their collection quality. The quality of the collection depends on the quality, level and attributes of the SNKRS, quality and level of Showcases, and badges and medals.


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