The HELIX Land Sale
H.E.L.I.X. (Hyper Expansive Lifelike Interoperable eXperience) is a decentralized, high-fidelity Metaverse platform built around the core pillars of immersive graphics, true digital ownership, and player-owned economy.

HELIX is a hyper-realistic open-world experience backed by NFTs. HELIX takes place in Parallel City, a near 1:1 scale recreation of real-life New York City that is being built with an unprecedented level of detail. HELIX is being developed by Hypersonic Labs, a gaming startup which recently raised a $3.5 Million (USD) pre-seed round from investors such as Play Ventures, Samsung Next, and many more. HELIX has been in development for over two years by talent from AAA studios such as Rockstar, Ubisoft, and more.

Items within HELIX (vehicles, clothes, weapon skins, properties, etc.) have a fixed supply and can be freely traded between players, ensuring true ownership and freedom. HELIX is built on Unreal Engine 5 and the Ethereum blockchain, and uses the Polygon network for in-game transactions.
The Land Sale will consist of a supply of 25,000 independent residences within Parallel City. 5,000 of them are free mints for holders of our Founder Pass collection which sold out October 5th at 0.1 ETH mint price and currently resides at a 0.8 ETH floor. Each mint consists of your own building, garage, and a procedurally generated residence.

Residences have 5 tiers: Cozy Loft, Modern Flat, Luxury Suite, Founder Penthouse, and Billionaire Mansion. Each residence is completely customizable and has a unique physical location in Parallel City. Residences are also coupled with traits, which will be free airdrops of surprise in-game items.

Owning a residence in Parallel City allows you to reside in the most advanced and immersive blockchain game yet. City residents will comprise of the most dedicated NFT enthusiasts, artists, designers, architect, aesthetes, and gamers on the blockchain. Our ecosystem will flourish as we continue to transparently build an open-world metaverse along with our community. Despite market conditions, HELIX is well funded for multiple years to come, and we are excited to make a lasting impact in the space.

HELIX has proved to be the only web3 game that can maintain hyper-realistic graphics and a sustainable user base. We believe NFTs should be an interagal part of all video games. Which is why we have no barrier of entry and use the blockchain the promote TRUE digital ownership of assets.