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As we enter a world of metaverses and remote work, we recognize a common problem – nobody touches grass anymore.

Our mission is to cultivate and incentivize a space for collective wellness. A utopia where holders can access live coaches and specialists to grow the mind, body, and spirit, all within a safe community. Each NFT will unlock portions of the HippieVerse and features of The Heal App.

@healappofficial, slated to be ready by Q2 of 2023, will have live access to Certified Coaches, Trainers, and Specialists. Along with the live access, holders will have the ability to view exercises and join classes, earning rewards with each movement. Users can sign in with their NFT or with a monthly subscription. The app will allow users to earn rewards as they move and complete classes by wearing any HR monitor. These rewards can later be used in our Marketplace to purchase Merchandise, NFTs, and other Experiences!

Healing Hippies are a collection of 8,888 generated Hippies with the power to heal. Comprised of over 400 traits to make every single one feel unique in their own way.

Each NFT unlocks portions of the HippieVerse and features of The Heal App.

We are all Hippies, vibing and thriving.