Haddie's bay club



Haddie’s bay club


DATE: April 27, 2022 – May 04, 2022



From the SEAVERSE to the METAVERSE…we’re building a community that empowers everyone to embrace their rarity and bravery with freedom to flaunt all of our unique beauty inside and out.

Inspired by Haddie, the 1-in-100-million cotton-candy-colored lobster that took the internet by storm…and that we happened to discover & save (we found a wonderful local aquarium to adopt her)! Now, we’re launching an epic NFT project featuring legendary art, paramount perks, and most importantly, 10% goes back to marine conservation.

Project Highlights:

7,777 Haddie NFTs – legendary art inspired by Haddie’s unrivaled beauty

Paramount perks & utilities – merch drops, culinary adventures & more

10% of proceeds going to marine conservations – community gets input!

Learn more about this exciting expedition & join us for the ride!

Haddiesbayclub.com | @HaddiesBayClub