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Gorilla Galaxy Genesis

Collection Solana

Project Details:

  • Presale Date: February 02, 2022 – February 03, 2022

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1.05 Ethereum


Gorilla Galaxy: Genesis is a collection of 2222 unique, and randomly generated Gorillas roaming on the Solana blockchain. Every Genesis Gorilla is unique and programmatically generated from over 130+ possible attributes and traits like background, fur, clothes, mouth, head, earrings and eyes. Your genesis gorilla isn’t just a profile picture. It is your ticket into our ecosystem, bringing you value in the real and digital world. The Gorilla Galaxy: Genesis collection will be launching in early January, so keep an eye out on our twitter to secure your spot in our discord and on our very limited Whitelist Presale: Feb 2nd 8 pm UTC Public sale: Feb 2nd 10pm UTC