Ghetto Sharkhood Official Launch



Ghetto Sharkhood Official Launch


Company: Ghetto Sharkhood

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Ghetto SharkHood is a limited collection of 10,000 Ghetto Shark NFTs swimming in the Ethereum blockchain. Your Ghetto Shark serves as your lifetime membership to the SharkHood, granting you access to members-only benefits. Future real-world and metaverse utilities will be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation, creating an ecosystem that spans both worlds.

Why you should pick up a Ghetto Shark NFT!
1. $300,000 NFT GIVEAWAY!
2. First NFT to partner with a data center to develop a crypto mining game.
3. Partnership with Animation Studio that started in 1978 (collaborations with Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, Nickelodean, Cartoon Network)
4. Partnership with a Hospitality Group (lifetime membership to major Hotel Brands within the group)
5. Partnership with Esport Arena Developer
6. Play 2 earn games
7. Majority of the secondary sales %, revenues, sponsorship will all be put back to our NFT holders through prize & rewards, more developments, and creating a positive impact on communities in need in the real world.
8. Our game development team has 15 years of experience (We will give a sneak peek of the 3D Ghetto Sharks we have been designing for our play 2 earn games)