Gangster Gorillaz Genesis Collection

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1.05 Ethereum


The first series of 5000 Gorilla Gangsterz will be mintable on the VeChain network.

With that said i can also disclose we will be minting on ICON next, then Tezos 3rd and so on for 6 Blockchains ending with Ethereum

Minting 5 Gorillaz on VeChain Grants you 1 free mint on the other 6 chains with rewards Stackable, ie mint 10 on Vechain get 2 free mints etc.

Are you ready for the gorillaz? Cause they about to create some drama.

2nd phase of Gangster Gorillaz is Concrete Jungles. 1 Concrete Jungles comes with 4 Buildings. Potential to earn $Banana the new currency of Gangster Gorillaz.

More detail in discord.