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Gangshark NFT Club

Project Details:

  • BLOCKCHAIN: Polygon
  • PRE-SALE PRICE: 0.05
  • PRE-SALE DATE: 09-28-2022
  • PUBLIC SALE DATE: 09-30-2022

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The GANG SHARK CLUB is an NFT collection of 10000 uniquely generated bored gang shark collectibles that exist on the polygon blockchain. Each Shark is a member of the Shiver Gang of Sharks feared and rule the entire ocean and its wonderful precious treasure and peer. Shiver gangs are not Mafias: they’re a lot more peaceful, but also way more cold, and ruth. Chilly Shark Gang Club weaves together art, design, marketing, merchandising, and an NFT token to create a compelling experience for fans and collectors alike. Free minting starts 25/09/2022