Fvckrender’s FVCK_ AVATAR NFTs Redemption


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Fvckrender’s FVCK_ AVATAR NFTs Redemption

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Company: Fvckrender

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Last September 2021, superstar crypto-artist Fvckrender announced that he is launching 12669 FVCK_ AVATAR NFTs. It was clear from the teaser that the new project marks the start of a new chapter in his successful FVCK_CRYSTALS collection. The upcoming 3D collectibles have inherent utilities in the ecosystem Fvckrender is building.

FVCK_ AVATAR: 4 Phase-Redemption Process

Fvckrender is launching the Fvck_Avatar  NFTs in 4 phases using a redeem token called ESSENCE//. Here are the important dates and conditions you need to take note of:

  • First Phase – Free claim March 23rd (Crystal holders only) – Every FVCK Crystal// holder can redeem one free ESSENCE//. Meanwhile, every limited 1/1 artwork collector can also redeem one free ESSENCE//.
  • Second Phase – Discount Pre-Sale march 25th (Collectors only) – Every FVCK Crystal// holder can mint an ESSENCE// for 0.2 ETH. Similarly, holders with an eligible Fvckrender NFT, collectors with limited 1/1 artwork and past winners giveaways can mint an ESSENCE// for 0.2 ETH.
  • Third Phase – Public Sale: March 27th (If there’s still some ESSENCE// left) – If there are still some ESSENCE// NFTs left, the public can mint them for 0.469 ETH.
  • Fourth Phase – Redemption: April 6th – Users can start burning their ESSENCE// NFTs to claim FVCK AVATARS.

The digitally native artist has rewarded his devout collectors in the past via airdrops and exclusive community rewards. The launch of FVCK_AVATAR is actually a pivotal moment for Fvckrender because it is technically his first PFP project.

You can check out the project’s website for more details!