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FuckJeryy is the name of an Instagram account that commands a huge following and is known for posting creative and relatable memes. The brain behind this account is Elliot Tebele, a genius internet marketer and founder of Jerry Media. FuckJerry gained fame after a failed try at marketing the Fyre Festival. Like the jokester he is, Elliot made a follow-up co-production documentary about the same flopped music festival titled Fyre, which was released via Netflix on January 18, 2019. Jerry Media has capitalised on the huge following on the Instagram account, which over 15 million people follow. During the 2020 presidential campaigns in America, FuckJerry was among the accounts contacted to post content on social media for Michael Bloomberg, one of the candidates.

FuckJerry’s first NFT drop is in collaboration with @DudeWithSign, another Instagram success story. The duo released 3 open auction editions for multiple variations of the “WFT is an NFT?” image in the drop. The NFTs launched on the Origin Platform on April 23rd 2021.